In this episode, we’re joined by Malcolm Smith to discuss his book, Hats: A Very UNnatural History.
As Martin Harper, the Global Conservation Director of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds puts it, Hats: A Very UNnatural History is a remarkable book that documents the impact that our obsession with hats has had on the natural world. It outlines how the global trade in fur and feathers evolved and the damage it caused, and highlights how heroic campaigners brought about reform, which in many cases aided recovery of species whose existence was threatened. It is a timely reminder of the consequences of consumerism and why radical changes are needed so our own species learns to live in harmony with nature.

Malcolm Smith is a biologist, a former chief scientist and deputy chief executive at the Countryside Council for Wales, and a former board member of the Environmental Agency, Europe’s largest environmental regulator, for England and Wales. He’s the author of four previous books, including Ploughing a New Furrow: A Blueprint for Wildlife Friendly Farming.

Hats: A Very UNnatural History, is available at msupress.org and other fine booksellers. You can find Malcolm @drmalcomsmith on Twitter. You can connect with the press on Facebook and @msupress on Twitter, where you can also find me @kurtmilb.

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